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Mixes // Will.CO – @ Syrup 30/10/2009

Hey guys! Will.CO takes timeout from his ‘God vs. Will.CO” series and gives us a recording of his support set for Bexta at Syrup in late October. Here’s his thoughts: “This is the mix that I played at the last Bexta Mixology launch @ PICKLE VS PITCH BLACK @ SYRUP in October. It was an [...]
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Mixes // WILL.Co – God Had Warned WILL.Co Not To Eat The Fruit From The Tree Of Trance

Hey Listeners! This week WILL.Co brings us the next part of what he has christened “The Religion of Trance” series. Again he isn’t afraid to mix sounds from the tougher end of the spectrum in with some tracks that I wouldn’t be shy in playing. WILL.Co tore the dancefloor up last Friday night at Syrup [...]
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Mixes // Liv – Spektrum 01

Hey Gang! This week’s mix comes from Hobart’s First Lady Of Trance, Liv. It’s the first instalment in what she’s hoping will become a series of mixes (like my Late Night Deep sets) and it has the GREAT name Spektrum. Wish I hadda thought of that name first, dammit. Here’s what the lady herself had [...]
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Mixes // – And On the 7th Day God Created Trance… And WILL.Co was HAPPY!

Hey Gang! Got a treat for you today (and one tomorrow as well ) from another local stalwart: WILL.Co . He has been playing around Hobart for several years now, either on his own or head to head with another local fave, AlexQK. WILL.Co mainly sticks to the harder end of the spectrum, but he’s [...]
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Mixes // Liv – Progressive Trance Mix

Today’s mix comes from Liv, a stalwart of the local Trance scene. This mix is firmly at the Prog end of Trance Street, as she says in her comment: “This mix is intended to be a demonstration of the rich melodies and irresistible groove that you’ll quite often find at the progressive end of the [...]
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