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Mixes // NJC – TrashTEK Mix

Hey Gang! Today’s mix comes from NJC, so you know it’s gonna be Techno. Here’s his thoughts on this one: “Here’s a mix that I put together for the first TraskTek. With another TraskTek coming in January, and I ♥ Techno (Dec 11th @ Syrup) and Pitch Black: Summerstyle coming up before then I thought [...]
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Mixes // NJC – Technoillogical: The Mad Scientist Mix

Hey Gang! This mid-weekend pick-me-up comes from NJC. After emerging from his basement laboratory he sent me the mix and the following: “Time to present the music that got me so fired up that I had to pick up the CDs, only to put them down again for the Xponent. This is a bit of [...]
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Mixes // 20,000 Leagues Under the NJC

Ooh, I’ve got a cracker mix for you all! It comes courtesy of NJC, who is playing at Syrup on Friday 26/6 supporting Steve Hill. I’ve had this mix on rotation all week (I know, I should have shared it earlier!) and it’s bloody FANTASTIC! Here’s what NJC had to say about this mix. “Let [...]
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