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Live // Texas – Grand Final Day (the White Maggoted Mix)

Hey guys! First new mix in awhile comes from me. It’s a 2 hour set from a house party that has become a bit of a Grand Final Day tradition with me and my friends. It’s more ‘party’ than ‘watching the footy’ however, with plenty of DJ’s in our group of friends there’s usually an [...]
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Mixes // Texas – Late Night Deep 9/9/09

Hey Listeners! Sorry I have been a bit slack – combo of hectic times at work and a holiday! This post comes to you from the heart of Essendon, Victoria! Time for one of my mixes this week. As I have said in the past I struggle to find new names for them all the [...]

Live // St.Nick – Adios Winter

Hey Gang! For your weekend edification I have a live mix from our own Mr Boompty, St.Nick! Recorded live at Syrup on Friday 28th August St.Nick was last man up and rocked the floor until the place closed! Here’s the man’s own words: “Adios Winter” came from the bumpin’ La Casa dance floor at Syrup, [...]
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Mixes // Discotouch – Funk Station

Hey Listeners! Mr Discotouch is back with another dose of his funky flavour of House. When I asked him for some words about the mix he fired this back to me: “Discotouch pulls into the Funky Station, and blends together his favourite genres of dance music – funk, disco, smooth vocals and lashings of Latin [...]
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Mixes // StNick – And They Named Him b00mpty!

Hey gang! Firstly, apologies for being quiet lately, things have been a bit hectic. However, I have something special to make it up to you (and I’m currently recording a few mix ideas on my days off, so I’ll make up for the silence!) Today’s mix comes from Syrup resident StNick. He’s the local exponent [...]

Mixes // Facebook and a (kinda) new mix!

Hey gang, a few things: Firstly: we have a Facebook Page – become a fan! Secondly: we have mixes coming soon from NJC, Liv, Texas and our first interstate mix is coming VERY soon! Keep on top of it by pointing your RSS Reader at our feed Finally: a ‘new’ mix from Texas. It was [...]
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Live // DJ Texas @ La Casa

Thanks to the generosity of residents StNick, Discotouch and Matt B I was able to play an hour set at the La Casa night @ Syrup on Friday the 5th of June. Being a House night I took the opportunity to play some old favourite vocal and party house tracks. And thanks to the awesomeness [...]
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Mixes // Discotouch – Sunset Mix

Today’s new mix comes courtesy of Discotouch, one of the rising stars of the local scene. Here’s his own description of the mix: “This mix by Discotouch, exclusive to Something Something Radio takes a trip through the wonderful word of funk, twisted and tough disco, European glam disco, and finishes up with groovy 80′s hip-funk. [...]
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