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Meet Your DJs

Something Something Radio has been lovingly created to showcase the diverse skills of many Tasmanian DJ’s (with a few ring-ins from other parts of Australia!)

If you wish to get in touch with any of the DJs featured on the blog please use our contact page.

Here are some of our regular contributors:

DJ Texas

DJ Texas
Texas has been playing on and off around Hobart for over 15 years, and has played nearly all of the clubs in Hobart, both still existing and extinct. He describes himself as a House DJ – he ranges from smooth summery vocals to deep and hypnotic right through to bleepy fidgety electro, depending on the mood he’s in. He learnt to DJ on vinyl under the tutelage of the residents at Hazard Zone in the 90s, made the switch to CDs before the millennium and has recently gone digital, performing live and recording using NI Traktor controllers. Texas also performs as part of the duo Vousdeux with fellow Hobart DJ Liv.

When he’s not DJing or running this blog Tex works in the Web business and spends his spare time playing Basketball, reading and buying far too many pairs of sneakers for a single human.


Immaculately dressed in a suit and so very well-mannered, Discotouch loves the addictive sound of disco and loves to blend it with funky, vocal house, Latin, San Fran and Chicago sounds in his DJ sets.

He’s been performing for over 5 years, playing at venues across Hobart and currently holds a residency at Syrup Nightclub. He has supported the likes of Jay-J, Supafly Inc., and Housexy and other Ministry of Sound events in the past. He’s also featured in the prestigious Ten Days on the Island festival, and recently he was invited to produce a 1-hour DJ set for the national broadcaster, Triple J.

Influences include the Freemasons, Style of Eye, Ian Carey, Cut Copy, Pnau, Hatiras and Miguel Migs to name but a few. He is also hard at work running his own record label, Velvet Recordings and is currently in the studio producing his debut album, Pet Radio. A concept album, the album will something a little different to the electronic music scene. Not just house and not just electronica, Discotouch is set to unleash his twisted disco and genre-bending electronica & house to the unsuspecting public.

Visit Discotouchs site


Liv plays most varieties of trance to varying degrees of hardness. Her current favourites are tech trance and progressive trance.

She has been both a punter and a DJ for more than 10 years and sometimes has trouble deciding which side of the desk is more fun, but usually comes down on the one with the most buttons and pretty lights.
She is one half of the Prog House duo Vousdeux.

When not trying to prune her shopping cart down to manageable levels or remove her cat’s hair from her black clothing, Liv enjoys wine, cooking and eating good food, early Sunday mornings on the couch with friends, wasting time on the internet, and browsing real estate websites for houses that she one day hopes to be able to afford.


A relative newcomer to the business side of the DJ booth, NJC found his way there almost by accident.  After growing disillusioned with the sounds he was hearing in local clubs, he discovered a kind of techno that he didn’t know existed, though it seemed he’d always been able to hear it.  Realising that the best way to make sure that it was played in clubs that he was going to was to play it himself, NJC moved from the flashing lights and loud music of the dancefloor to those of the booth.

There are those who think that he must have got his taste in music from all the coffee he drinks.  Taking beats from exotic locales such as Brasil and Kenya, NJC carefully combines them to produce a blend which is rich, robust, and flavourful.  The end result is a warm, smooth brew.  NJC’s brand of tribal infused techno is the perfect pick-me-up.

Here are some of our Guest DJ’s:


St.Nick started DJing in Devonport way back in 2000, it was the pumped up, ‘hoovers and horns’ sound of Hard House that first made St.Nick take to the decks. But when the Hard House sound died in about 2003-2004 St.Nick found the less brutal, but no less energetic Party Breaks scene and made a new home. He helped run and played at landmark Breaks and House events “Northern Light” and “Sexy” in Northern Tasmania until late 2005 when he took a hiatus from the DJ Booth.
He couldn’t stay away forever though; he was lured back to the decks by the Chicago House sound that he has since become his trademark. With a residency at La Casa at Syrup (including a warm up spot for his DJ hero, James Curd of the Greenskeepers) and various guest appearances around the traps if you haven’t heard StNick’s ‘Boompty’ sound yet it won’t be long until you do.

Bart Banda

A Swede with Polish heritage living in Australia, that’s who Bart is. He’s been DJing in clubs around Brisbane for almost 2 years now. Before that, it was house parties, weddings, and the weekly bedroom bang session with his mates. The banging has continued and keeps going, with a residency at the Fringe Bar and guest spots at Chalk, GPO and The Beat, Bart keeps it interesting wherever he plays Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley. He might still be a rookie in the DJ scene, but he definitely has potential as proven by coming 2nd in’s National Future Music DJ Competition.

Bart plays anything that sounds good and makes you move including house, electro, funky, soul, progressive, deep and a new found love for tech. When he doesn’t DJ he builds websites, plays basketball, collects music, and most importantly… Parties!