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Live // Vousdeux, impromptu

Phew, welcome back! Tonight, I bring you the triumphant return of this little somethingsomething… but in the absence of any other material, you’re getting an inside peek into a Vousdeux practice session. No planning, no discussion beforehand, just Liv and Tex going two for two and seeing what we get. And this, ladies and gentlemen, [...]
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Live // VousDeux – Live @ Halo

Hey Guys! I’d like to introduce you to VousDeux. Born at the crossroads of 2 veteran DJ’s repertoires, VousDeux is the result of discovering that the deeper ends of their genres were musically compatible. Indeed the resulting sounds conjured up some dark magic, resulting in the fledgling duo getting some gigs and building a small [...]
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Live // Texas – Grand Final Day (the White Maggoted Mix)

Hey guys! First new mix in awhile comes from me. It’s a 2 hour set from a house party that has become a bit of a Grand Final Day tradition with me and my friends. It’s more ‘party’ than ‘watching the footy’ however, with plenty of DJ’s in our group of friends there’s usually an [...]
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Live // St.Nick – Adios Winter

Hey Gang! For your weekend edification I have a live mix from our own Mr Boompty, St.Nick! Recorded live at Syrup on Friday 28th August St.Nick was last man up and rocked the floor until the place closed! Here’s the man’s own words: “Adios Winter” came from the bumpin’ La Casa dance floor at Syrup, [...]
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Live // DJ Texas @ La Casa

Thanks to the generosity of residents StNick, Discotouch and Matt B I was able to play an hour set at the La Casa night @ Syrup on Friday the 5th of June. Being a House night I took the opportunity to play some old favourite vocal and party house tracks. And thanks to the awesomeness [...]
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