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Mixes // Will.CO – @ Syrup 30/10/2009

Hey guys!
Will.CO takes timeout from his ‘God vs. Will.CO” series and gives us a recording of his support set for Bexta at Syrup in late October. Here’s his thoughts:

“This is the mix that I played at the last Bexta Mixology launch @ PICKLE VS PITCH BLACK @ SYRUP in October.
It was an awesome night and from the reaction of the crowd and the feedback I was given every one really liked it so I went home and recorded it so that I could send it out to you all to enjoy again.
Thanks a lot to those of you that stayed & danced hard till the lights came on to make it such an enjoyable night for me as well, its your support and enjoyment of what I do that makes me love playing trance whenever I get the chance.”

I was there and I can confirm there was much shaking of booty during the set. Enjoy!

Will.CO – @ Syrup 30/10
1 Kernkraft – Zombie Nation
2 Simulated 2010
3 Neanderthal
4 Ashley
5 Kaboom
6 LED There be light
7 Stranger to Stability
8 Thump
9 Broken Tonight
10 Synergy
11 Louder than Boom
12 Adagio for Strings
13 Junk
14 Unprepared
15 Inner Voice
16 System Overload
17 Celcius
18 Find Yourself
19 The Wolf
20 Blood Moon
21 Float Away

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